Evacuate your people!

Your world is ending! Escape the inferno with one of multiple escape pods. It seems to be an impossible task, but you will leave the planet or die trying.

-- Gameplay --

You will die... a lot!

Evac is a vertical endless runner where you navigate an escape pod between different platforms using short burst of the ships thruster. Every burst drains energy from the ships battery.
Get your escape pod as far as possible without falling of the screens or running out of energy. Standing on a platform for to long or crashing into an EMP-Mine will also drain your energy quickly. Collecting power-cells will refill your batteries and help you escape the inferno or at least reach a good position the leaderboard of all dead captains.

-- Upgrades --

You earn credits with every run that you do. Increase the amount of credits by travel further and collect more cells. 

Spend your credits on upgrades to improve your pod and be able to reach better ranks in the leaderboard of dead captains.

-- Controls --

  • Jump: Left mouse / Space
  • Charge Jump: Hold Left mouse / Space
  • Move/Roll: A / D or Left / Right (works also in mid-air)

This is work in progress. Please feel free to leave any suggestion or other comments. :)

Development log